Wednesday, January 26, 2011

هِز الهلال ياسيد٠٠٠

هى تحيه سيد درويش للموظفين بعد مشاركتهم فى ثورة ١٩ بالأضراب عن العمل٠٠الموظفين أيامها كانوا أهم فئات الطبقه المتوسطه٠٠ولازلت عند رأيى أن الفئات المتوسطه هى رمانة القبانى٠٠لو تحركت ورمت خوفها وراء ظهرها تنقلب موازين القوى فى مصر٠٠
يوم الغضب٠٠فوجئت بالعدد والإعداد٠٠تابعت الدعوه على النت للتظاهر يوم ٢٥ يناير٠٠وقلت فى نفسى
كما قال آخرون
Here we go Again...!!!
وكنت مخطئاً٠٠
وهو أفضل وأجمل خطاء أقترفته فى حياتى

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Mohamed said...

Hi Abu Faris,
Great post speaks volumes ..and myself and many of my friends (outside Egypt and Inside as well) are having almost identical feelings.
In the context of a massive discussion we were having over the period of a week we tried our best to approach the student population that we can access back home to help them shake off the horrible propaganda campaign being waged against them and help them use their brains something the system managed clearly to deter them from doing.
Someone sent me that link from the NY-Times
I replied and here I share my reply with you "After prayer yesterday I saw with my own eyes Egyptian PhD students at the University, i.e. supposedly well educated beings who were exposed to a good system for a while so they should feel the difference. I saw them almost fist fighting in a heated argument..that scene really frustrated me more than the pathetic Egyptian Media which proves that if any hope is there it must be dismantled (on the personnel level ).
When I find myself trying to explain to an Egyptian Professor that they can not stop now and that if they do this means the real end to Egypt, and he start uttering BS about stability I got even more frustrated.
So the carpenter in Tahreer has a more clear vision and is indeed more honorable than many whom I met yesterday. And yes I really kiss his feet for what he is doing for all Egyptians"
I do really want to kiss their feet they did it.
I had friends on Ottawa who were in that demo I had friends in DC who were in front of the White House I envy them and you, if it was summer I'd have driven the 6 hours to participate. I hope we meet one day in person who knows!!!
Best Regards,
By the way it seems you deleted the last post about the Real Danger to Israel.